Upscale Resale cleverly stylish clothing
Creative, Casual, Current and Definitely Upscale
Consign your current,
  We are always interested in consigning your current,
casual, top condition, boutique label clothing. We also look for accessories such as shoes (unworn or hardly worn), good leather bags, scarves, hats,
and interesting costume and
artist designed jewelry.
  casual, top condition, boutique label clothing
We are selective about the clothing we
accept because our customers expect an
exciting assortment of upscale labels when
they come to our store. Please, no career
clothing (such as suit and high heels) or
cocktail attire. It is just not our style!
Consignments accepted on Saturday Only from 11:00AM to 5:00PM, but please call first to confirm
someone is available to evaluate your items.